Monday, June 03, 2013

My Gift

This week has been full of overwhelming comprehension of the goodness of God.  More than once this week, I've had to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.  If I'm honest, I've been pinching myself for well over a year.  I am living out my heart's desire and it is so beautiful.  God's faithfulness is being proven to me over and over with each new day.

I am a believer, a dreamer of dreams.  I know that the Lord has promised certain things to me and I've worked hard to be obedient to His calling.  It hasn't always made sense to me.  Sometimes I've had to leap into the darkness with no idea of what might break my fall.  It's been lonely and scary at times.  And, there have been moments when I wanted to give up hope and stop believing in dreams.  But, the Lord is faithful and He loves His children.  All good and perfect gifts come down from Heaven.

In less than five weeks, I will join hands with the man of my dreams and become his wife.  He is the living, breathing fulfillment of God's promise to me, a desire planted deeply within my heart.  I have prayed and waited for this day for so long, it hardly seems possible that it will be here so soon.  And, the man I will marry is so much more than I could have ever hoped for in a husband.

He loves the Lord.  He has been a believer since he was a child, but in the last ten years, he has fought hard to know who God is and how he is called to follow.  He worships and serves the Lord with gladness and his whole heart.  It's the most beautiful thing to me.

He loves me.  I know this as much as I know my own name.  He loves me and he tells and shows me often.  He puts my needs before his own.  He protects me and fights for me.  He knows me and tenderly serves me.  It's humbling.  It's delightful.

He honors me.  I catch him talking about me sometimes and I'm astounded.  He honors me so well.  He works hard to show me honor in the way he blesses me, but he always speaks of me with high regard and love.  And, he always points to the Lord and how gracious He has been to us.  It warms my heart each and every time.

This man that I love is truly a gift from God.  He is intelligent (much smarter than me!) and he is excellent in his work.  He works hard, even when he is not valued or appreciated, because it is the right thing to do.  He is sought after for his knowledge and his work ethic.  He solves problems and finds solutions (his name can be found multiple times in the U.S. Patent rolls!).  He makes a way where others say it can't be done.

And, he loves to serve.  He is always thinking of ways we can help people.  He is good with his hands and all things mechanical, so he uses those gifts to help wherever he can.  He loves it.  He loves to teach others how to help themselves.  I pray the Lord blesses us with children some day, because he will be an amazing and kind father.

Nick, you bless me far beyond these words can describe.  I am so grateful for you and so humbled that the Lord has chosen this path for us.  Thank you for being the fulfillment of the desires the Lord has planted in my heart, and for being far more than I had hoped or dreamed.  Thank you for giving me a new dream and something new to wish.  I'm so excited to begin this new journey with you.  I can't imagine walking this road with anyone else.  I love you.

Happy Birthday!  May it be the best year yet!