Friday, July 24, 2009

What was in that bill? You mean, I should have read it?

For anyone who has talked to me in the last couple of weeks, this won't be news to you. There are many things in the political system and in the government that are making my blood pressure spike!

Is it just me, or does it make anyone else crazy that our representatives in Washington are voting on bills they haven't even read? I came across a few organizations today who are taking the fight to the Hill. I wrote letters to my own representatives this morning. But, I have to say, I felt completly ridiculous asking my Senators and Representative to read the bills before they vote! It seems like common sense to me, but obviously, not everyone thinks so!

Check out: (Read the Bill Act)

and (Read the Bill Pledge)

Here's the letter I wrote today:

Dear Senators Chambliss and Isakson:

I am writing to request that you investigate the possibility of legislation or a Congress-wide pledge that all representatives in the House and Senate be required to read legislation before voting on it.

It seems ridiculous to even request this. However, in recent months, it seems as though legislation is flying through Congress at break-neck speeds. I am speechless at the thought that representatives in Washington are actually passing legislation they haven't even read.

It is my understanding that the recent Cap and Trade legislation presented to the House of Representatives had 300 pages added 24 hours before the vote. I do not understand how, in good conscience, legislators can vote on bills they have not even read.

I realize that the Cap and Trade legislation has slowed down in the Senate, but I am concerned this speed of legislation may become a trend.

I understand that you have been provided a copy of the Read the Bills Act by Downsize DC ( and also a pledge from Let Freedom Ring ( stating you will read the bill and allow the public time to read the bill and debate before a vote. Please consider one of these or something similar. I believe it is of the utmost importance that legislators and the public read legislation before it is passed.

Many Thanks,
Christina Solly

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