Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wisdom from Storytime!

Sometimes, when we least expect it, God shows up in a fresh way. On Tuesday night, as we were waiting for everyone to arrive for Bible Study, the students and I decided to have "Storytime". Those who were there ran around the kids' section at Barnes and Noble and found their favorite books. We read, "Brown, Bear, Brown Bear", "The Giving Tree", "Goodnight Moon", and "The Angry Ladybug". Then, Laura-girl, brought over a book called "Incredible You". In a move only God could make, this story became our lesson for the evening. It may have been one of the more memorable lessons for this group! (Which proves it's about what GOD's doing...not what I am teaching!!!)

I wanted to share the questions in the back of the book and see what your responses may be. Some of them were easy, some deep, and others difficult to answer. Here they are...let me know what you think!

1. Do you dream of doing something adventurous like taming lions? Or something that seems a little safer, like being a veterinarian? Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it. What is that dream?

2. If someone or something makes you feel sad, embarassed, or angry, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

3. What makes you feel scared or worried? What are some positive, strong words that you can say to yourself to overcome your fear?

4. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes. Where do you go if you feel like being by yourself? To your room? Up in a tree? Or in a nice, comfy chair?

5. If you have a problem or something is bothering you, who do you talk to? Your Mom or Dad? Your dog? Your teacher?

6. It's important to make time for the things you love. Do you have a passion? Something you love to do more than anything else?

7. What are some things you have done that make you great? Have you ever drawn an awesome picture that made you really proud? Have you ever won a medal or an award?

8. Everyone is special and one-of-a-kind. What are some things you love about yourself, and how do you share that love with others? DO you bake cookies for your friends or pick flowers for your mom?

9. The kids in the book set up a stand to raise money for the animal shelter. What helpful ideas do you have inside your mind, and what can you do to share them with the world?

10. Some people feel a loving Spririt around them. Some feel it in a church, a place of worship, or in nature. Do you feel this mysterious love that conncets us all? Where?

I'd like to add one more that has come up as I've talked about this lesson with my friends:

11. We are all created to reflect God in unique ways. We all carry the mark of our Creator in a way that is different from others. How were you made to reflect God? In what ways are you being Jesus to those around you?

OK...I look forward to your answers! If you want to check out the book you can click the link below.

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