Thursday, February 25, 2010

If he can paint without sight...

Before you read this note, please take a moment and watch this video:

Blind Painter

This story, at first, struck me as unbelievable and truly a miracle! But, as I thought about it, I was challenged. This young man did not allow physical limitations to stop him from using the gift God had given him. He did not allow himself to remain in self-pity, but pressed through the trouble to see what he could make of it.

There are things in my life that sometimes I think are too hard. There are dreams I have that seem unattainable and completely out of reach.

But, if this young man can learn to paint so beautifully without the gift of sight...why the heck am I letting things hold me back from what God has ordained for me?

Lord, may I have Your vision and not let my eyes fall upon my trouble. May I walk in the confidence of Your calling and fall on Your grace.

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