Sunday, February 20, 2011


Every Sunday, almost compulsively, I visit It's been a tradition for me for quite some time. And yet, every week, I am struck by how much we have in common as human beings.

Postsecret began as a community art project where people were asked to mail in their secrets on a postcard and present them in a creative and unique way. The result has been an amazing collection of secrets that reveal the most interesting and universal of human emotions.

Sometimes, the secret isn't immediately evident. This week, there was such a secret. You can view that secret by following this link:

I was reminded, once again, of a sense of greater community when Frank Warren posted that this one secret had triggered enough hits on Google that it was actually a trending search today. In fact, it reached the number 2 spot.

You should check out If you ever feel like you're alone or you're the only one who carries a certain secret, you may be surprised to find that it's more common than you think.

Thanks, Frank, for giving us a peek within ourselves; for giving an outlet for those of us who feel all alone or separated by society by our secrets. What a beautiful homage to humanity -

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