Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Commitment vs. Distractions

It never seems to fail that once I start something new or make a commitment to a goal, distractions multiply and seem to come out of the woodwork!

Take today for instance...

Somehow, my alarm clock was changed to a radio station instead of an actual alarm (I'm sure it was something I did when setting the time). However, I was gently awakened by music and was 2 HOURS LATE to work! So much for trying to read my chapters before I started my day.

On my way in to work, I had to stop and run an errand, making me even later.

Once I got to work, I realized that today is the day I have a lunchtime Bible study in Fayetteville. AUGH! Why did I even come to Peachtree City if I had to turn right back around? At least the Bible study was a bright spot in my day and I read, studied and prayed with some lovely ladies. But, since our Bible study wasn't on Genesis 4-7, I still have my reading to accomplish!

Back at work, problem after problem found it's way to my desk. My inbox is overflowing (my literal AND my virtual inbox). When will I find the time to read?

Also, at the back of my mind is the fact that I'm supposed to see a movie tonight with some friends and really wanted to finish reading the book first. I still have 100 pages to read and only 4 hours before the opening credits.

And none of that takes into account the giant "to do" list I created this morning.

Have you ever had a day like that? You start out with the best of intentions, but when the day is over, you wonder what happened to the time?

Maybe I should take a moment, right now, and spend a few minutes in the Word on Route 66. Hold on. I'll be right back.


Ahhhhhh...Now, why didn't I stop and do that this morning? I need to learn not to let the distractions of every day life interfere with my spiritual health. If I'm hungry or thirsty, I stop what I'm doing and meet those needs. Why is it not the same for spiritual hunger? It should be the same.

Help me hunger and thirst after You and Your Word. Help me put aside distractions, frustrations, and anything else that stands in the way of my time with You. It's only by Your strength that I can accomplish what has been set before me. Help me.

And, I'll be praying for you, too! I'm glad we're walking this journey together so we can lift one another up when we're discouraged or falling behind.

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