Wednesday, March 09, 2011

31 Days of Wisdom - Proverbs 9

Please visit the link below if you would like to read through Proverbs 9 before continuing.

Disclaimer: This is a personal journey of discovery for me. I am not claiming any special wisdom or exposition of my own, only sharing how 31 days of wisdom affect me and stir my spirit. I highly suggest, no matter who is speaking or sharing, that you check their words against the words of Scripture.

The invitations of wisdom and folly

Wisdom is prepared. She has built her house and set her table. She invites the simple to her home, to dinner, to receive her instruction. (v1-6)

It does no good to correct those who do not love wisdom. You will receive abuse and insults from those who are wise in their own eyes. But the wise and righteous will listen and grow because of it. (v7-9)

That last section is so wise and something we don’t think about often. Wisdom is wasted on those who do not love her. They don’t have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Just as we are not to judge people outside of the faith based on the standards we ourselves are held to, so should we be careful about rebuking those who don’t want wisdom. Solomon tells us that it is a risky business. Wisdom calls out to these people, but she is not aggressive like folly or the adulterous woman. She allows them the choice. In fact, it says, “Do no rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.” So, it’s best to leave fools to their folly and their own destruction and correct only those who love wisdom so that they may be wise.

Wisdom adds to your life while those who mock will suffer. (v10-12)

Folly, in contrast to wisdom, is unruly and crass. She too calls out to the simple, but she lies to them. She entices them. But, death is inside her door. (v13-18)

Choose wisdom. Folly leads to destruction.

Dear Father of Wisdom,
Help me to hear Wisdom’s call. Help me decipher between wisdom and folly. Give me discernment when people ask for correction or need rebuke. May I only speak in an effort to increase wisdom and bring someone closer to You. May I receive and love correction, rebuke and instruction because I know it makes me more like you. Amen

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